This years VMworld was a change of pace for me. This year was not a typical release with more focus on security and partnerships then core applications maybe some of that is saved for Europe. I had a rocky start with a bout of food posing not fun. So i lost a day of Talking with vendors and some sessions I wanted to check out. Relays will have to do.

Had some interesting conversations around Workspace One and Sailpoint and the guys from both teams came over to whiteboard this is a welcome conversation vmware has become more open to working with partners then just trying to pitch more of their solutions.

Kobo / PKS / Kubernetes a Partnership that needs more clarity. Maybe its the system admin in me but I feel like there was to many ways to do this right now. And some of the projects are really cool but now info on cost or will it be free open source.

VMware AppDefense / Goldilocks

I been asking VMware for this type of app to be built in for some time. The more we can learn how the app talks and update we can get a good baseline. Can’t wait to see partners take advantage of some of the API


The last but my Favorite Announcement. SKYLINE

There has been apps on the market that did some of what CloudPhysics has been doing for some time. Bigdata for support. I hope this helps VMware Find and alerts on major bugs faster. The one thing it wont do till the next update is driver support. Vendors and VMware have allways need a way to tell you what version you should be on. This will hope fully be the answer very soon.

Thanks for sticking around.